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Traveler II origin - what and who belongs
s travelers
Morella Faya wood split and used for half of Traveler II's body
Acacia driftwood split and used for the other half of Traveler II's body
life vest w/blocks of light exotic wood
added to the trunk to keep it afloat
Traveler II genealogy:
Much like a person's family tree, the origin of this traveler is complex (only part of the family is known):

Morella faya is a native species of the Azorean islands, Madeira Island and Canaries. Morella faya is possibly native of the western coastal Portuguese mainland but it may be the result of an ancient naturali-zation from plants introduced from the Azores or Madeira. This species was introduced
by humans in Florida, New Zealand and Australia. In Hawaii, where it was introdu-ced by Portuguese immigrants at the end of the 19th century, it is now considered an inva-sive species. At the Azores, this species is known by the local names of faia, faia-da-terra, faia-da-ilhas and samouco. Seed dispersal by Azorean blackbird and Azorean wood pigeon and spreading by rain are present. (read on)
Extract from biologistMaria João Trota's description of wood used in Travelers.

As newcomers ourselves we are intrigued to explore further when and what makes something or
somebody endemic or native to a place.