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Forest ranger Ricardo Moreira @ Pinhal da Paz
Mestre Mareco splitting the endemic wood
Lagoa beach driftwood split @ vaga workshop
Azores, 2023

Just as important for the project as the TRAVELERS are the MEDIATORS: people who help make the project happen by sharing their knowledge, craft, resources, experience and generosity.
With the TRAVELERS launched far into the North Atlantic, we staged a MEDIATOR event to dissolve barriers between disciplinary categories of knowledge makers by con-necting artisans, scientists, cultural practitioners, artists and thinkers that in different ways contribute to the project.

After the prototype launch the collaboration with MEDIATORS will continue to further explore questions of origin and belong-ing. By visiting a plurality of archipelagos over time we will weave a web of TRAVELERS & MEDIATORS and a new map will slowly emerge.
Get in touch if you find one of the TRAVELERS!

Warm thanks to MEDIATORS: André Fontes, Pedro Pascoal and Marina Carreiro Silva for initial contacts; biologist Prof. Maria João Trota for sharing her extensive knowledge of the natural history of the Azores and its wood species; Rubén Monfort and crew at vaga art space in PDL for generous support and workshop space; Eng. Carina Nóbrega at Direção Regional dos Recursos Florestais for hooking us up with Pinhal da Paz Park that provided endemic and exotic wood for the Travelers; and last but not least - captain André Branco at SailZen for launching the prototype Travelers into the North Atlantic.
s travelers Mediator event @ Forno da Cal, São Miguel travelers
Açores, 11.22.2023
Ocean currents traced